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We went, we hung out, we raced and we persevered at the Goin' for Broke - 24 Hours of Lemons Race in Reno/Fernley Speedway. Redneck Racing Team and the 1991 Hat-A-Rack Elk-dorado In Rut left a great impression on an awesomely fun huge group of people and racers.

So for those of you that are unaware of the race and what it is about let me explain. Each Lemons race is for cars purchased, fixed up, and track-prepped for a total of 500 dollars or less. So with that said there was a huge variety of hoopti crapcans to take a look at including a minivan painted like the Mystery Machine from Scoobi-Doo with all the characters to boot , The Miati-llac which was a miata that had a huge amount of extra metal welded on to mimic a Cadillac painted pink with the entire crew and drivers dressed like Elvis to a car with glued on fleece to look like a horse with a head and cowboy on top and tail attached to the top of the trunk and once a button is pushed inside the car the car craps out Hostess Cupcakes on the road and when you muster enough courage to grab a snack another button is pushed to squirt water on you and can't forget the two VW Rabbits painted one Black and one White and costumes for Spy vs. Spy. Needless to say these mentions are not the only decorated cars. All I can say is WOW, there are some very crafty thinking people out there.

Come on where else can you go to a race event that it is cool for grown men and women to dress up like it is Halloween and loose bets that causes a man to walk around in drag for the weekend.

As for the results, we received an award that we had focused on from the beginning of researching this event. We are the proud winners of the Index of Effluency trophy and prize money. The winner of this award is determined on a super-secret equation including vehicles age, general hooptieness, reliability of country of origin, unlikelihood of success, and organizers' whim. We found this to be the most prestiged award and the second highest payout to most laps completed. Also, we did finish 28th out of 101 cars overall in laps completed.

To check out this event and other upcoming races please visit the 24 Hours of Lemons race site at www.24hoursoflemons.com and be prepared to laugh you butt off.

So with all this said RRT personally thanks Jay Lamm and the Staff of the 24 Hours of Lemons and Reno/Fernley Speedway. We had a great time and hopefully we are selected to return in the future and hopefully to other tracks maybe near you.
                                                                                    Redneck AirConditioning System
              Road Track                                          People Curse - crushed the Judges Van
               Killer Bee                                                        RedNecks at Work 
                                                                       (from Left) Brian, Clint, Lolli and Lance with Trophy 
              Tow Truck on Track                              Judges Van and Speeders Parade Lap Van
   Tiny Bubbles                                                                              
     Frankenstang (note the TV on top of car)             Two of the Elvis' 
   Guess which guys this belongs to below? 
     Elvis and The Pink Miati-llac                       
                                                                              Windmill Powereg/Generated Car 
                                                                                   The Pink Miati-llac
       Mystery Machine                                                   Nap time!!!!!
                                                                                    She is thrilled!
 Hat-r-Rack Elk-Dorado in Rut... 
    Pit Crew?   :)                                         
         Parading the Speeders    
                   Lance - Driver                                           Yep this is him!! Very interesting
                                                                           Asked this guy for a cup of Java- Like he didnt have enough 
    Stimulus Package, This one was cooool                 People's Curse Selected
                                                                                            Lolli and Lance
     VW Rabbit with a pancake on the top 
          Big Tractor taking out the van!                         Can anyone say Sprint?        
              Coming down the track    
               SWINE FLEW / Peoples curse              
                                                                                Good Morning America Filming Crew              
And of course the Hostess Poopin Crapcan Pony.........
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