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Infecting One Sick Soul At A Time!!!
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 Clint Anderson"00":
   The biggest redneck of all winning the name Daryll. He has an eye for redneck enginuity and finess. He started welding and fabricating when he was young. With a lifetime dream of racing and wrecking.
   Making those dreams come true, Clint was the 2007 Madras Speedway Mini Truck Class Track Champion with numerous winnings in derbies and bump to pass races. The 2007 year was profitable.
   He has put alot of miles on his truck and trailer going to numerous races afar and also taking a 3rd place in a mini car class enduro race.
   Clint is also an extreme rock crawler. He has built a sick rock crawler out of something that looks like a landcruiser. If you ever get the chance and want to go on a sick roller coaster ride call 1-800-dream-on.
    Brian Buxton "2":
  Being next to biggest redneck also winning the name Lick. Brian has a nack for tinkering around and making it work. He also started racing street cars and street bikes at a youthful age and never could get speed out of his blood.
   The 2007 year was his first year for racing at the Madras Speedway. He shot for the Rookie of the year in the Mini Trucks and lost due to technicality.  Also running bump to passes and derby it seemed to be a productive year. 
Brian also did the mini car class enduro race and placed 10th out of 52 cars. 
   Brian drives a 99 Jeep Cherokee with modification. Lift, 33" LTB tires, Rear Locker, Custom Bumper and Rock Slides. Member of the Deschutes County 4 Wheelers he says "real jeeps have 4 doors"; aka "Joker"
    Lolli Buxton "12c": (one too see)
   Ok, not so exciting. After running Clint's truck during hot laps last year she is infected now too. The truck build is on!!! Ran a couple of bump to passes in the 2007 year and attended every race. More to come. The 2009 season will be the first and racing for Rookie of the year against Preston and others....
Lolli also has a 05' Jeep Wrangler with modifications. Lift, 35" Xterrain Tires, Slip Yoke, OX Lock front and rear, Dana 44 with 33 spline alloy axles in the rear and 9000i WARN winch. Also member of the Deschutes County 4 Wheelers; aka "got sand?"
    Preston Anderson "007":
Preston has been involved since his dad has been racing. He is Clint's #1 Pit guy. He enjoys Hot Lapping the truck every chance he gets. When the water truck comes; there goes Preston running for the mud car with helmet in hand "like a little redneck boy to an ice cream truck sound". He is racing the original "00" making it the "007" truck running for rookie of the year also, and Clint will have a new truck for the 2009 year.
Preston also has done some extreme rock crawling in the thing that looks like a "Landcruiser" and some class 2 trails also.
Remember he has been taught by the Daryll (Clint), so I am sure he will give Daryll a run for his moonpies.
     Don Croy "24"
Don grew up around racing his whole life. His father started racing when I was 12 at Northport Internation Raceway in Northport Washington.He has always liked things that went VROOM, VROOM.... Don started racing in 2004 with a 67 Chevelle and then 72 Ventura that he ran most of 2005 until he was rear ended trying to get to the pits with a flat tire which is a whole other story of its own and way to long for any redneck to read about. He has now joined the Rednecks here in Madras. He didn't get his car until late in the season with just a couple of races under his belt for the 08 season. He is ready to give em' hell this 09' season though.
He also drive a 1996 Toyota T-100 with a 4" trail master lift and a 3inch body lift with 529 gears, lock rite locker front and rear, Warn manual locking hub conversions, custom rear bumper, 35" mud terrains, dual exhaust with no cats and 40 series flow masters. It's loud, just the way the neighbors like it. 
He also mud dragged in Washington with stripped 79' bronco that has a 6inch Rancho lift and a 400m and c6 with 36 gumbo mudders. It also has 3" exhaust all the way back from the headers with no mufflers. Gotta remember the neighbors.
   Also known as Redneck Racing Team Mascott. But there is a rule to have him as a passenger. The rule is; whom ever wins the current race gets Kermie till beat.


Team Leader 
Lick (aka Joker)
Team Leader Assistant