Redneck Racing Team

Infecting One Sick Soul At A Time!!!
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"00" Sponsors CLINT ANDERSON:                      
   Kirby Nagelhout Construction
   Redmond Music
   JICA Construction
   Ceniga Construction
   Cascade Heating and Cooling
   Prineville Body and Paint
   Osterbaan Nissan Parts
   Dave's Auto Wrecking
"2" Sponsors BRIAN BUXTON: 
   Northwind Fabrication
   United Construction
   Deschutes County 4 Wheelers
   Tac Welding
   Jon and Josh Pyland (JP & Sons Contruction) Thanks Josh for the Awesome Painting of the Joker on the Hood!
"12c" (one to see) LOLLI BUXTON: 
   Northwind Fabrication
   Bend Heating and Sheet Metal
   lil 'jake' and the Vurik's  
   Jon and Josh Pyland (Logo Painting)
   Dave Root RV Glass Repair
   Professional Auto Body (South)
 "24" Don Croy:  
Still looking for sponsors for all drivers and race rigs!
Special thanks to all of those that come out to the track to help in the pits.... Including the KIDS.  We couldn't do it with out all of you. You know who you are!
If you would like to sponsor any
of the drivers and their trucks, derby, bump to pass cars; please write us at [email protected]
for more info and pricing!
Starting as low as $100
Lolli has found a number for her truck! Thanks for all the suggestions.